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Priyanka Chopra’s fashion quotient was Trolled At Royal Wedding!!

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The only Bollywood actress who attended the Royal wedding was probably the Priyanka Chopra. But the actress was criticized and disappointed for not showing patriotism during the Royal
wedding by not donning herself in Indian attire, i.e., sari.

According to Indian politician and Indian handicrafts curator, Jaya Jaitly , she should have showcased patriotism by wearing her owns country dress, sari.

Jaya Jaitly slammed PC for donning up as a British aristocrat, the actress was dressed in Vivienne Westwood for the wedding and Christian Dior gown for the reception.

She should have represented a free and independent India in a beautiful Kanjeevaram or Banarsi Sari.

However, Priyanka’s fans and others came out in support of the actress and preferred to slam Jaya Jaitly back for her statements calling it unfair criticism and stating unlike men who can wear anything why women are often criticized for their clothes?