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Viktoria-Odintcova Ups Hotness Quotient!!

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Bollywood actress Isha Gupta is always in limelight who keep raising the mercury level with her steamy and sultry pose.

She has a complete resemblance with the Russian model Viktoria-Odintcova who spits the exact image of Isha Gupta. It would really become difficult to differentiate between Isha and Viktoria that who is who?

Both beat each other in the matter of hotness, and it seems very often Isha copies her style.

24year old actress is famous for her stunts who remain pretty active at the social media platform. Her Instagram account is curated with many bold and beautiful pictures.

She came in Buzz when she gave a dumbfound potshot while standing at the height of 1,004 feet on a building with the help of one of her friend, it was highly thrilling and a risky act for which she came in buzz quite sometimes ago.