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Embracing A Boy Forcefully By Jacqueline Made Her Trolled Badly, Video Runs Viral!!!

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Salman Khan is busy these days promoting his film Race-3. For which he reached at the reality show of Madhuri Dixit, along with the whole cast including Jacquiline Fernandez. Salman becomes insistent at the set of Dance reality show and ‘forced’ a little boy into hugging Jacqueline Fernandez.

After the performance of a 7-year-old chubby kid, Jacqueline wished to give her Hugging applaud. Her co-star ‘Dabangg’ Khan asks the kid if he’d allow the lady to hug him, who visibly refuses, which doesn’t go down well with the Superstar.

Salman then took Jacqueline to stage and pushes the boy into the actress’ outstretched arms who gave a sour expression throughout.

The act of forcing a child into hugging made the actress go trolled by users-people questioned, “If a kid repeatedly says he doesn’t want to hug you, shouldn’t you probably respect his wishes and consent and mind your own business and understand simple ‘NO’.”

Over it her winning statement was “Kids usually love me, this boy was an exception… at least I got my hug in the end.”