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Beth Morgan Hits Back TV Screen After Dropped From Coronation Street !!

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22 year old Hollywood model Beth Morgan appeared in a reality show called as” Love Island 2018. She was sued from a long run TV show Coronation Street when she was found guilty of sharing inside pictures of the show at the twitter account.

But she defended claiming that she did not do anything wrong because she apparently did not leak any spoilers. ,” she told the Daily Star. “I always post pictures of me in my TV outfits. I’ve never taken pictures of the set, but I’ve always done selfies for my social media.

She further added that someone stole pictures from my social media and sent it the papers saying I’d leaked a storyline. My agency got absolutely ballistic at me and blocked me immediately from the show.

Now after a while she will make her come back by a TV show “BBC Drama As Before Beauty”.

Although she does not has a verified account of herself but has a glamorous collection of posts at her instagram.