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Soha Ali Khan Not Ready For Work- Know The Reason!!

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Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan when asked about her entry to the films, she said she is not ready to work in full-length feature films who is busy raising her daughter Inaya. She further added “To do a feature film is a big-time commitment and I made commitment to myself that giving a year of my life to Inaya with as much attention as possible.”

Right now she is just 8 and a half months now and is ready, but I am not,” she said in a launch event, once she is old enough I will take on more work.

When Soha was asked how important is for a woman to look after herself so that she can raise her child properly, said: “… It is very true, I understood it is important to keep yourself healthy and hygienic to run the family.

I am all dressed up with makeup and stuff. If you look at me in my house… where I am not properly dressed and my hair is not done properly.

I am lucky enough to have my husband, mother and in- laws besides me who keeps me reminding about my health, if I don’t care of myself then it will have huge consequences on Inaaya.