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Aditya Chopra Is A Media Shy Personality Found With Rani Mukherjee!!!

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Bollywood bubbly actress Rani Mukherjee was recently been spotted outside the house of filmmaker Karan Johar along with her husband Aditya Chopra who was seen hiding himself from the camera glare.

Actually Aditya stays away from the limelight and is known to be camera shy who hates getting any public attention and moreover the couple is never spotted together.

Aditya is also not a party animal, who stays away at a distance from such functional events which Rani respects. Both got married in Italy in 2014 in the presence of some close not family and friends.

The couple has a daughter named- Aadira. Rani has made her comeback with a movie- Hichki which hit the box-office with a good response.