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Extended support By Actor Varun Dhawan Who stands by Priyanka Chopra In Quantico Controversy!!

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Priyanka Chopra, who faced a lot of flak in India for the plot of an episode in her American TV show was defended by Actor Varun Dhawan.

PC took to Twitter to clear the air around the episode, titled ‘The Blood of Romeo’, which featured ‘Indian nationalists’ planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Manhattan and frame Pakistan for it days before a summit on Kashmir.

Khurana said “When an actor is playing they are following the script given by director which is their first responsibility. We cannot be escaped from such views.

Dhawan added, 35 year old Priyanka Chopra has made the entire country very proud who became the first Indian actor to play a lead role in an American TV series, portrays FBI agent Alex Parrish in the show and we must stand for her. Saying Priyanka was not to be blamed although she apologises for hindu terror plot in American TV series Qunatico as she did not have a creative control over the episode.

She was extremely saddened when her own country people hurt her sentiments.