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Alia Bhatt’s Response On Linkup Rumors- Watch more!!

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Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is never scared of any unusual link ups, speaking on it she said, she has become immune to such baseless rumors as we have to be tolerant enough to digest all rubbish since because we are into entertainment industry.

Such kind of news can never affect us. And I am a person who speaks her mind, truth can never bother me like wise lies can also never go me off track.

I know these days me and Ranbir become the talk of the social media because we are into the same project- “Brahmastara” and I am mostly seen with my co-star.

I admit I like Ranbir, he is such a cool and understanding personality who has solution to every problem .I adore him as a person, learning a lot from him.

He always prank or banter on sets also which keeps the surrounding very healthy and workable. And I am open to the socially sanctioned relation of marriage even, when right time arrives. Career and marriage are two different prospectives, nothing to do with each other unless we remain committed and balanced.