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Sargun Mehta’s Unrehearsed Dance Turned Into Funny Video – Spreads Over Internet!!

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Small screen actress Srgun Mehta wife of Tally actor Ravi Dubey is now a days into limelight for sharing her unrehearsed dance performance from a function.

Recently Sargun was seen dancing along with three more partners in a wedding function, somewhere she was missing steps and the dance was not in synchronized at all.

Sargun herself was making fun of her dance, heard saying that if you go without rehearsed you are bound to become the center of sarcasm as i am today.

Actress further added, this uploaded video has now become my favorite dance track, which cannot stop me laughing.

But on the other side her fans liked her bindaas unprepared performance also, this video after getting shared got spread on the social media site. Instead of getting trolled she was rather praised for her performance which could be estimated from the number of likes and comments.