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What Granny Sharmila Tagore Talks For Taimur- Know More!!

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The cutest and the most likeable star kid of the Bollywood is Taimur Ali Khan. Everyone is fan of his cuteness and naughtiness. He is the most active kid on the social media platform, who is very often seen on it.

Photographer are also keen to capture him behind their camera lenses. Veteran actress and the granny of Taimur Ali khan Sharmila tagore exposed in an interview that her grandson is becoming more populous day by day, who is erasing her fan followers list.

Granny even says he is more likeable than us among the media. She has shown her despair by requesting media not to follow him all the time.

He is even waited outside her playschool, which annoys me a lot. Kindly spare my grandson from too much media coverage.

But whatever we say, Taimur is a declared star who is soon going to get enrolled for Gym now!!