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Charging Heavily For Bharat- PC!!

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Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra will make her comeback into Bollywood with Salman Khan’s film “Bharat”.

Previously it was rumored that she would do this film without fees, then it was heard she may charge 12 Crores for this film and finally it has been announced that it wrapped up to 6.50 crores.

The actress will be casted into 5 stages in the whole film ranging from 28th year to 60th year. The whole ageing process will be seen in a prosthetic manner along with the make-up tricks.

The Film is made on the lines of South African film- “Odd To My Father” 2014. It would be a mega-budget film displaying the time between India- Pakistan partition also starring Taabu, Disha Patani and Sunil Grover also.