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Know Today The Reason Of Preferring Arrange Marriage Over The Love Marriage!!!

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Chocolaty actor Shahid Kapoor is happily married with Meera Rajput in an arranged marriage having one daughter Meesha . Actor is happy with his married life with a girl of his parents’ choice. Although he had several affair news before getting tied into the nuptial knot. We will review today his love life before marriage.

Top actress of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra both fell in love with this cute actor, but unfortunately destiny has wrapped something else for all of them and the relationship with the actresses broke, soon shattering actor which led to decide him to go for only arrange marriage and got into with Meera Rajput in 2015.

Appeared in a chat show along with his wife Meera Rajput he revealed the names of two actresses with whom he fell in love which evidently broke later due to personal reasons. Even he said one of his girl friend ditched him.

On the set of Jab We Met they had silly fight over an issue which further led into drastic consequences leading them to decide not to work together in future and parted their ways. Kareena got influenced with Saif Ali Khan on the set of Tashan and Shahid came close to Priyanka Chopra in 2010.

The actor publically admitted that he is dating with PC and in 2011 both were on board into romantic affair and stayed into live-in for about 2 years. But love story does not end here, PC got involved with another big-wig actor with whom she signed a film and love angle with Shahid got shut.

However even after the break-up both worked jointly in a film “tere meri kahani”
but relationships were sour and not sweeter as before they were.