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Sunny Leone boldly puts her real story out In Her Biopic: Title Kaur Put Actress in Controversy!!

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SGPC Additional Secretary Diljit Singh Bedi raising the objections at using the “Kaur” surname by Sunny Leone who has transformed her religion. Sunny is all set to narrate her untold story in her upcoming biopic has unveiled the biopic’s first trailer and it is already taking the internet by storm.

Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story be aired on Zee5. The content has shown all details of Sunny’s life — from her childhood as an adult star.

Actress Sunny Leone who took a bold step to cast herself into her own biopic film Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone was questioned by SGPC Additional Secretary Diljit Singh Bedi for using the title Kaur in the recent released title of her new biopic web series, by saying the use of “Kaur” has hurt the emotional sentiments of Sikh’s ,she should leave this surname since she has transformed into another religion.

However the film makers and actress Sunny Leone has so far not opened their lips over it. This web series will hit the Zee app on 16th July under the directorial ship of Aditya Dutt which is produced by Namoh pictures and fresh lime films. Her childhood character will be played by a 14year old Rysa