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Actress Sonali Shares A picture With Her 12 Year Old Son Ranveer!!

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It’s highly saddened to know about actress Sonali Bendre’s high grade cancer news who is currently in NewYork for the treatment. Every celeb gone in shock after hearing about her cancer news.

Everyone is praying hard for Sonali’s wellbeing. Sonali shared a picture of her while chopping her hairs foe the further treatment. Fans liked her sick look even and praying sincerely for her early wellbeing.

Recently she posted a heart touching post from her Facebook account in which she told how her son Ranveer took this news?

The son is along with her mom in New York for her treatment and how he reacted after getting to know about her sickness?

She took to Insta account how her family and friends are being so supportive during her toughest days of life? They are standing beside me in all my thick.