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Himesh Stays In The Same Building Of Her Previous Wife!!

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Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya turned 45 yesterday, who is a well-known music director, singer and actor in the entertainment industry.

Recently he started a new phase of life after getting wedded to Sonia Kapoor this year only, and called off his 22 year old relationship with her previous wife Komal in 2017.

The couple had a son but have never seen together ever over the social media platform.

If reports are to be believed it is said that Himesh, Sonia and Komal stays together in the same building. Komal stays at 36th floor whereas Himesh stays at 35th floor. Komal stays along with her in-laws.

According to reports, it she will say bye to her filmi career and will focus on extending her family with Himesh.