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Does bollywood actor Akshay Kumar make nostalgic comment over Raju Hirani over the making of biopic???

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar churn the bollywood over the question of making biopic on him. Speaking on it he said, I am against of making any biopic pictures and it would be a foolish on my part to think about making a biopic on myself.

After Sanju, soorma, it was sort of flood came into the biopic making films, but I highly disagree over this, and must think biopic should be made on real heroes not on reel heroes.

If something clicks bollywood has the tendency of making it one after another, same is the trend in making biopic, which will become obsolete after sometime.

He said people like Arunachalam murghanathan, Tapan daas have some story to say about, not people like us..

Speaking on the upcoming biopics, Manto, super 30, manikarnika, the raani of Jhansi and aabhinav Bindra are in list to hit the theatres soon..