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Sara Ali Khan Bath Tub Video Goes Viral!!!

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Tally actress Sara Khan crowned as Miss Bhopal born 6th Aug, 1989 is celebrating her 29th birthday.
Sara came into light from the serial Vidaayi telecasted on Star Plus followed by sasural simar ka, Bhagy Laxmi, Santoshi Maa aur Shakti Astitav. Apart from it she also become the important part of the reality shows Nach Balliye, Zara Nach Ke Dikha, Comedy classes and 10 ka dum etc..

Recently her sister shared her bathing picture in the tub at the social media platform, which was taken off immediately by deleting it from the instagram account saying it was shared by mistake and I do not want such a cheap publicity to level up into my career.

My sister was drunk when she shooted the video and it just happened and shared by her insanely, but I must say advancement in the technology has side effects too, within a minute it got circulated like a wildfire.