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Hina Khan’s Steamy Photo shoot Pictures Are Getting Super Viral!!!

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Now a days trolling has become an essential part of celebs life. It has become a part and parcel of Bollywood celebrities. Every other day one or the other star gets trolled on social media. One more name gets added into the list is of Hina Khan who shared picture of her latest photo shoot over the social media platform.
Her pictures are getting viral at the social sites viewed by 1 lac, 74 thousand, and 410 likes in a day.

Few of her users started trolling her for her bold and sexy shoot commenting like- you should be shameful Hina being Muslim, does it suit you to wrap into such clothes? Not limited to it even some of the users called her “aunty “even.

But the actress dare to ignore such trolling, since it is not the first time becoming victim of trolling so she knows how to get over through these comments.

However, at the same time, she equally never falls lack of beautiful comments given by her fan followers on her pictures.

Previously she was also trolled for fish cut dress over which people used to call her as “flower vase.” Before that also once she was trolled in London for her photoshoot. It seems as if people kept waiting for her pictures to troll them.