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How Sunny Leone Wants To See Her Kids Grow!!!

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The Untold Story of Sunny is released and this is the first time when the actress itself features into her own biopic. She says the web series contains the actual journey of my life from being porn star in becoming Bollywood diva.

She feels proud of herself saying I want my kids to become like me- hard worker and workaholic.

The couple has 3 kids, 21 month old Nisha they adopted from the Lattur dist Maharashtra who was dejected by almost 11 couples for her skin color revealed by adoption agency CARA, but Sunny and her husband Daniel looked beyond the skin type and adopted her heartedly.

After Nisha she had Twins through surrogacy Noya and Ashar. Sunny says she wants to be the best mom for their three kids and want to see growing them honest, educated and hard worker.