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Launching Of Suhana Khan By Karan Johar – An Issue To Be Looked For!!

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Suhana Khan is a natural-born actress who will make her large-screen debut soon. While the obvious choice for launching Suhana is Karan Johar, but Suhana’s daddy has other ideas.

“Shah Rukh wanted her to go through the grind,” the SRK buddy adds. “She has been doing theatre regularly. Now both Shah Rukh and Gauri feel Suhana is ready for a film career.”

Johar is the obvious choice for launching Suhana but “Shah Rukh and Gauri have something else and looking at other names such as major film-maker in Mumbai — from Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Sujoy Ghosh – both have shown an interest in launching Suhana.” SRK adds.”