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Juhi Parmar Shared Her Daughter’s Reaction Over Their Divorce!!

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Tally actress Juhi Parmar spotted very happy recently who claimed her daughter as her lifeline and a bundle of happiness.

Actress has called off her relationship with her husband Sachin Shroof and are staying separately since from last 18 months. Both started exposing her relationship in public after their separation.

Sharing a post on Instagram she said I remained mum to all the critics and allegations put on me by people, and they thought what they were supposed to think. My daughter become my prime responsibility after 27th January 2013. And I considered both of us fails in managing the relationship and are equally responsible for failing down of the relationship.

She changed her DP in the Instagram saying it pains when relationship gets marred, but it reliefs you losing people who never found your worth despite of doing thousands of favors to them.

Speaking in an interview she said nowadays kids are well mature and knows what is getting around them, however Samira didn’t ask much about it.