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Kumar Shanu’s Crush After Marriage For 90’s Superstar Meenakshi Shoshadri!!!

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There are many Bollywood actresses who were eloped from the silver screen after getting settled into their married lives. Today we will talk about the actor, dancer of 90’s – Meenakshi Shoshadri who not only got away from the big screen but also from the country too.

The most memorable roles played by her in the following movies were- Hero, Ghayal, Damini and Ghatak had notched her significant presence in the industry with her fine acting and dancing skills.

Currently she is putting in USA with her husband Harish Mayor, with whom she got married in 1995 who was an investment banker. She remain pretty active at the social media over which she keeps sharing her throwbacks.

However, there is an eminent person in the industry who lost her heart in the spell bound beauty of the actress and ran was mad for her, but could not reveal his love for her since that man was already married. He was none other than the ace singer Kumar Shanu. But that love for her got over soon. Kumar sang a song from the film Juram -“jab koi baat bigad jaye”
Kumar has three sons and two daughters from two wives. Meenakshi is married happily and is busy these days at the social media sites.