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Katrina Kaif Absconds As Soon As She Sights Neetu Kapoor!!

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After break-up with Ranbir Kapoor actress Katrina Kaif always tries to escape from his family sight wherever she sees them.

Recently she was called for a store launch function of Schweta Nanda , where by Neetu Kapoor was also one of the invitee. After knowing about her presence in the function she kept waiting for her exit from the function , and made entry in the store along with her sister Izabil immediately once Neetu leaves the store.

Before some months ago when Katrina reached a popular sports bar for dance rehearsals she eloped the site, after seeing Neetu Kapoor in the same venue.

To tell you an important fact that when the actress was in relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, and she used to dream about becoming the daughter- in- law of Kapoor’s family, she never gets tired of praising Neetu Kapoor all the times,, and now the situation is so worst that she even cannot bare to tolerate her presence.