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Anushka Sharma’s Prompt Reply on Why Sui Dhaga MemesDon’t Bother Her At All!

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Anushka sharma and Varun Dhawan starrer film Sui- Dhaga is fetching the crowd towards it. Speaking to her weird memes, Anushka spoke to Mid-Day and said and said I take all the hilarious compliments about me as a source of motivation and an aid for the film promotion.

I think my memes have captivated people’s mind to that extent that they will definitely want to watch me on screen at least once. Their comments have neither made me sad nor disappointed rather they make me more hopeful that that people will appreciate my role as an embroidery artist too. She added.

In one of the scene in trailer, she is crying and in another she just looks like a Desi woman, for which she is getting trolled immensely over the internet.

She admits the memes are very humorous and quirky and i myself keep sharing with my friends thinking the character “Mamta” has become such a figure, that it emphasized people’s mind and heart.

Actors have put their efforts so hard that it was never difficult to get into such type of roles, which were never easier for an actor to go for it. Unique looks of the actors have attracted crowd to watch the trailer, now it’s time to watch out how well will the film do its business?