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Super 30 first posters released Today gears up Hrithik Roshan to take on the system through education!!

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Super 30, featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead role, is set to release on 25 January, 2019. The makers have released new posters of the film and it seems they are indeed going with the man-against-system strategy.

Roshan, on 5 September, released the posters on his official Twitter handle. The makers chose an appropriate date of Teacher’s Day, to release posters of a film which hails the changes a good teacher can bring in students’ lives.

Roshan looking on with determination. The tagline “Ab Raja ka beta Raja nahin banega” written beneath it , suggests a revolution of sorts which does away with rampant nepotism often seen in engineering and medical colleges, especially with the system of paying ‘donation’ amounts to get children unfair admissions. With calculus problems scribbled in the backdrop, the film aims to give more space to the children, seen in the foreground.