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The story of bollywood single mommy’s!!!!

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Life is never easy for a single parent, there are many such couples in the Bollywood who got separated after marriage and now leading a life with their kids being tagged as “single”.
Let us have a look to such Bollywood moms who are rearing kids alone.

Amrita Singh

80’s Bollywood actress Amrita singh got married in 1991 with actor Saif Ali Khan, but unfortunately their relationship dies after 13 years, and both got separated from each other in 2004. The couple has 2 kids, but after divorce, Amrita took the responsibility of looking after kids- Abraham and Sara.

Rhea Pillai

Bollywood actress Rhea Pillai called off her relationship with actor Sanjay Dutt in 2008 after staying together for 10 years. Rhea was even in live- in relationship with Tennis player Leander peas having one daughter out of this relation, is now staying merrily with her alone.

Reena Dutt

Film producer Reena dutta tied wedding knot with actor Aamir khan in 1986. The couple has two kids Junaid and daughter Ira. Finally they both decided to drift apart in 2002, and since then, Reena alone is taking care of kids.

Preeti Jhangiyana

Mohbatey fame Preeti Jhangiyana has created a special place in the hearts of million of people was also a strong mom who got separated with Parveen Dabbas in 2011 after 3 years of her marriage. The couple has a son, with whom she is staying alone.

Karisma Kapoor

The popular actress of 90’s Karisma Kapoor has also failed in her married life and called off her relationship with her husband in 2012, after staying for 9 years, who was charged against domestic violence filed for divorce. She is leading a life of single mom with her two kids Samaria and Kiyaan.