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Amitabh Bachchan’s Irresistible Laughs At KBC, Knowing Dharemender Is Still A Young Lad!!!

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When one of the contestant says on the sets of KBC that Dharmender Looks 85year young man made Amitabh broke into laugh.

After the stardom gets over, Bollywood actors are forgotten, but there are many eminent personalities who even after losing their stardom are still holding a cozy place in the hearts of their fans.

One such fan from Kolkata Shoma reached at the set of KBC who just won 3 lacs, 20 thousand, but her promptness to reply made everyone awful.

On the set of KBC she felt the desire of speaking with legend actor Dharemender, who got a shock after hearing from her mouth that “ he still looks so young at the age of 82”, people normally gets bed ridden at this age, but he still looks handsome and young lad”, made everyone burst into laughs.