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Karishma Kapoor From Yeh Hai Mohabtein Become The Victim Of Sexual Assault!!

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Eve teasing has become a daily practice and even celebs are never spared from this. Recently, famous Tally actress Karishma sharma become the victim of eve teasing in Dharmahshal in a temple. She reached Dharamshala to have a breaktime from work, but rolled back to home immediately after the incident.

While speaking to media, she said I was busy capturing the beauty of Valley with my friend, I found myself surrounded by almost 15 people which were standing behind me staring at me, stucked eyes over my breast, this incident left me horrified.

Went police station to file a complaint against it, has also surprised me, telling who is following you madam, is it a question to be asked, if I was knowing it, why would I have been there to charge a complaint ?

Some people even followed me in the market also.. Really this incident has made me feel so insecure our ladies would be in such states or in our country. We should really take some strict measures against such eve teasers.