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Bigg Boss 12 Day 31 Preview: Surbhi Rana Looses Temper at Sreesanth and walks away!!

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Famous cricketer Sreesanth I want to go home’ adding more drama in the house. The man has come back with a plan and making sure everyone functions according to him in last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 12. Fans on social media are rather upset with his behavior in the show last night. A lot of them are actually asking makers to just send him home.

However his housemates are seen around the jail area trying to pacify him but he doesn’t listen to any of them. He wants to be to be the center of stage, which actually works in his case.

Surbhi Rana tells him that just because he is a big name in the country, he cannot always get away with this kind of behavior. Will Sreesanth eventually give up his ‘I want to go home’ drama or will he add another twist to it?

We wonder what else tonight’s episode has in store for us; more drama, more fights and lots of entertainment. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Bigg Boss 12.