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Bigg Boss 12 : Housemates wonder if it was Dipika Kakar who saved herself from becoming the Victim Of casting couch

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Salman Khan’s hit reality show Bigg Boss 12 never fails to surprise the audience in its 12th season and the housemates are doing their best to make it through the week.

After winning the luxury budget task, Deepak and Shivashish were given a task in which they were asked to guess the contestants’ secrets.

In last night’s episode, four secrets were revealed and Shivashish and Deepak gave two correct answers each. , two secrets were revealed – SECRET 1: The girl whom I liked in one look was actually a guy and SECRET 2: I saved myself from becoming a victim of casting couch. housemates started wondering if it was Dipika who saved herself from being a victim of casting couch.
In last night’s episode, Dipika was seen hinting Shivashish about her secret. She said, “I am an actress and I am sitting on the couch.”

Even Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana’s ugly spat caught our attention in the early day of this week.