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Arbaaz Khan dating Giorgia Andriani, Dabangg 3 and Jack & Dil – watch

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Arbaaz Khan is busy promoting his upcoming comedy Jack & Dil. Speaking with for a freewheeling interview where he discussed everything candidly from his movie Jack & Dil to his life post-divorce with ex-wife Malaika Arora, admitting that he is dating Giorgia Andriani, Dabangg 3 and more.
Speaking about his role, he said he was asked by the director to gain weight. He is a kind of husband who stops taking care of himself once he get married. And put on pounds which is not supposed to be physically fit . Now, he is struggling hard to loose extra kilos.

When asked about his idea of a perfect relationship, Arbaaz Khan laughed it off saying he is not the right person to talk about it. He said, “(Laughs) I am the wrong person, at this point in time, to ask. But, you know I don’t know if there is anything…perfect. I really don’t know.

People would love to make certain things with a lot of adjustments and compromises or scenarios and make it look like it is perfect in anything whether it is your career, whether it is your relationship whether it is your marriage, we want to believe that we can make it. But, I don’t know if you ask even the ones who are living that life wouldn’t they want something better or could’ve expected more, maybe yes. Human beings would still want (more) and you also have people who say I couldn’t have asked for a better woman or a better wife, I am so happy. Yes, those scenarios also exist.

But, perfection is something that is a constant thing you need to achieve. It is not that you have achieved it and it’s gonna stay. It’s everyday hard work…to continue to be where you have to be. So that happens in relationships also. I am not the best person to ask (laughs). I tried for 21 years but I couldn’t succeed in one aspect but theek hai. It’s alright. Not many people even try that long.”