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Ali Bhatt’s Desi Avatar Teases Her Fans At The Social Media!!!

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Alia bhatt is garnering limelight for her rumored love life with Ranbeer Kapoor. She is equally ahead in giving fashion statement to the youth and claimed to be a true fashionista by her fan followers.

Her recent uploads in desi Avatar are surfacing at the social media platform which are getting viral like a wildfire at the social media platform giving a challenge to all the young gals who trying to imitate her.

For a while Alia reached Kolkata with her mom- Sony Razdaan and Mahesh Bhatt to become the part of an international film festival into which she was spotted donning in sabhyasachi outfit in a maroon and golden intricate velvet salwar suit, teaming up with the Golden danglers keeping make-up at subtle was an apple of all eyes.

It’s never denying to say that her style and sartorial choice is always matched with meek accessories which provides her simple and smoky looks just like any other common girl. Her desi looks are highly liked by her fan group. Her simple style can raise heart rate of anyone including her beau Ranbir Kapoor.

If whirlwinds are to be believed it is said that the couple is waiting for Rishi Kapoor’s well being and may tie the knot in 2019 probably.
Both got into romantic involvement while shooting for the film Brahmastra after which were spotted hand in hand with each other quite a many times.