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Khali Met Outrageous Raaki Sawant- Badly Injured In Wrestling Ring!!!

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Our Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant yesterday reached Devilal stadium for CWE championship Punchkula. Whereby all famous international Wrestling players gathered there. One of the female wrestler Robail challenged the ladies of Punchkula, if anyone has dare to come into this ring, so, our daredevil Rakhi accepted the challenge and faced the tortuous path.

But this time actor is in news not for her bold shoots, but for accepting the challenge set by a foreign female wrestler Haryana in an International Wrestling championship Haryana during which she was thrashed very badly out of the ring when Rubail challenged Punchkula ladies.

So unfortunately our Raakhi’s dareness was measured negatively and the poor actress was badly hit at the spine who got admitted into the hospital immediately with the help of rescue team members.

She is strictly advised to take rest by the team of doctors at Zirakpur hospital. When Khai came to ask her well being she annoyingly said she will never leave this Rubail and will also teach her a lesson who was being sent to hit me badly, once I get up from bed”.