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Malaiak Arora Khan Had Wardrobe Malfunction- Revealed By Karan Johar!!

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Rumored affair of Malaika and Arjun is making rounds at the social media and there is a news around the corner that both are in a steady relationship and planning to tie the knot next year.

Very often both are also spotted hanging out together these days and a lot of reports are suggesting wedding bells. KJO keep dropping hints through his videos.

Karan Johar tries to get some dirt on Malaika Arora Khan. Most of the times has let out hints on her relationship status, his chats with Kirron Kher will leave you in splits. In his recent chat with Kirron Kher, she criticises KJO’s fashion sense in the most hilarious way. The series of videos recently clocked in 25 million views.

In another such video he seems asking Malaika if she had a wardrobe malfunction in the morning and she tells him that her outfit fell apart.
KJO also asks her how her coffee was last night. The diva said it was hot, and she loved every bit of it. This was another hint at her relationship status?

But it was quite dare of the actress to accept that she really had a wardrobe malfunction without revealing much details. Karan then moved to Kirron and the two began commenting their fashion choices mockingly.