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Dating Tips Given To Suhana Khan By Her Dad Sharukh Khan!!!

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The forever young favorite romantic hero of our industry is the king khan Sharukh Khan who become a sandwich while romancing with two girls in his latest release Zero as Bahua singh.

It is surprising to note that king khan has given dating tips to his daughter Suhana Ali Khan at the social media site. So let’s read out aloud the tips given to her angel over dating a guy. Along with the tips he has made her learnt the difference between good and bad boys while picking a best man for the lifetime.

If you find a boy telling her you might have heard the name Rahul”, then make a note that he is stalker, you have to be careful and make a distance from him.

Recently in a media interview he said Actual Romance means making someone feel very special, however I am not a that kind of man- adding giggles.

Proceeding to the next tip he says, if a boy is standing with his hand wide spread like we do in films, understand he is a stalker, and if someone stares at you, telling come to me, come to me, sue him with a punch. This all looks genuine in films, but not in real life.

Speaking about the professional front of Suhana who has so far no film to her credit, but has high interest for social media, having a huge fan list followed at the instagram. Suhana has interest in theatres who recently did a play “Juliat” at her college function was being seen by her dad SRK.