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72 year Old Groom Kabir Bedi Geared Up For His 4th Marriage!!!

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Bollywood actor Kabir bedi born on 16th January 1946 In Lahore is one such actor who lives life by the rules set by him despite of facing many ups and downs of life. He entered the industry in 1971.e

He is more famous for his personal life then for his professional life. Who always become the point to talk on due to his multiple marriages policies.

If whirlwinds are to be believed, he is going to get ready for the 4th marriage now.

Lets have a look to all his failed marriages before:

He got married with Odishi dancer Protima Gauri Bedi in 1969, having two kids from his first marriage namely- Pooja Bedi and Siddharth bedi.

after his marriage he fell in love with bollywood actress Parveen bobby and her marriage got into bitter terms due to his increase closeness with the bollywood actor Parveen Boby. And he got separated from his first wife in 1973.

Failing in first marriage he looked for the second one with the british Fashion designer Suzzain Humpress, but very soon this relationship was also called off after staying together for sometimes.

Viewers were about to get back from the gloom of breaking up off his second marriage, in the meantime he announced his proposed plans for marrying third time, and finally he got into the relationship in 1992 with the Tv and radio presenter Nick Reids.

This was the long time marriage which stayed for 16 years and again finally this relation also got sour and the couple separated away in 2005.

And finally 70 year old Groom is preparing for his marriage with 30 years younger girl parveen Dosanjh with whom he was in relationship since from 2006.