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No-Pregnancy Clause Launched By This Director For Her Heroine!!

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Meet first ever director who used to get the no-pregnancy clause signed by his heroines is an ace Director Subhash Ghai. Director and producer Subhash Ghai has given plenty of back to back superhits in the industry who has completed 43 years in the bollywood as an ace director and now he has moved more into production.

Movies like Kaalicharan, Vishavnath, Karz, Vidhata, Hero, Ram-lakhan and, Pardes, were directed by him.

On his 74th birthday today we are exposing one fact which would be hard to believe for you. As we all know he has taken many heroines to the epitome and made them the top actresses of their era like Madhuri Dixit.

During the shooting of the films Khalnayak Madhuri and Sanjay were in a deep romantic relationship seeing her stardom at the top that time. director Subhash Ghai thought of signing the no-pregnancy clause from the heroine who was still not married.

Out of the fear of seeing indulging into some suspicious relationship with the actor Sanjay he decided to get this clause signed by her.

And in anycase if she gets pregnant, she had to bear the huge loss and she gets subjected to pay the penalty to the director- report provided by Times of India.

The last directed film of Subash Ghai was Kaanchi- the unbreakable and as a producer his last produced film wasHero released in 2015.