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Passionate Kiss Between Kim sharma And Harshvardhan Makes Round At Social Media!!

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Twinning in whites Kim sharma and Harshvardhan has an electric chemistry as It shows on the social media Where? On and in pictures of the duo.

A picture is worth a thousand words of kissing each other passionately is also making the rounds of Instagram and it’s adorable, to say the least.

We are in love with all the lovings of this couple which are making it for brunches and luncheons after the film screenings. Paltan has finally admitted to being in a relationship over the social media.

Harshvardhan told Hindustan Times, “I will say I am a very open person. There’s nothing to hide, I have never been a person to hide anything. Of course, I am in a relationship, but it’s a personal space. I am a private person. And as far as the other person is concerned, I have to respect them. Barring that, where I go, whether it’s the jungles and stuff, it’s out there. I ran away from my home at a young age, have worked in a cyber café and STD booth, I don’t have anything to hide.”