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Bhojpuri Rapper Ammy Kang Presents-Hip- Hop- Look Into For The Song!!!

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With the changing trends in the musical world, Bhojpuri songs also acclaims to be the trendsetter at the social media site.

One side Bhojpuri songs are immensely appreciated and liked whereas on the other hand various experiments have been conducted before they go live on the internet.

Social media is attracting lot of audiences with the changed presentation for these Bhojpuri songs and helps these songs to hit the floor with a great strength.

Ammy Kang a Bhojpuri rapper is making revolutionary changes in the trends of these songs and amps up these songs at par with the Bollywood songs. He has become an iconic figure at the you tube channel for singing the Bhojpuri songs.

His one recent song “ Bhojpuri mai hip-hop” is breaking internet these days from the album “Bhojpuri Hip Hop”

Just similar to Honey singh, Baadshah, this rapper is also acquiring the same avatar of the above mentioned rappers by wearing chain, goggles, having a masculine body, singing at some fine locations. Stay tuned for more scoops!!

He wants to be recognized as a famous rapper, who wore green goggles and making a stylish hair-do is never looking less than a Bollywood rapper who seems like giving challenge to them.