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Sensational dance over the Bhojpuri song made audience’s go ga, ga!!!

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Bhojpuri songs have instantly become the likes of many over the bollywood songs.

They are gaining mass likes and comments among the youth who started following them and copy their steps and uploading their self made/ acted videos at the YouTube grabbing media attention.

One such song from the Bhojpuri Film” maine unko Sajan chun Liya” starring Pawan Singh and kajal rahgwani is breaking the internet making people run crazy over it.

“Aara ke hothwali lagwalu” song fromt thi film has become the internet sensation after the video uploaded by a girl on February 7th , 2019 at the social media site.

This song has been viewed by more than 1 lac viewers on the social media after February 7th , 2019 seems like getting viral.

Nowadays, internet has turned a boon for the budding stars who never gets chance to shine in their circle are getting accolades through the social media by uploading their talent over it.