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Unknown Revealed phobias posses by few actors!!!!

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Everyone is scared of one or the other things in life, snakes, cockroaches, darkness, heights are some of the major kinds of phobias which people inculcate with the passage of time. You will be surprised to know that your favourite actors do have some kind of phobias which they revealed. To believe more on us have a look at such actors..

Sharukh Khan

King Khan fears from horses, he avoids doing films containing scenes with horses.

Aalia Bhatt

She incredibally suffers with the Terror of darkness who sleeps keeping the dim light on in her room.

Katrina Kaif

Tomatoes really makes her scary. She did the song from the film ” ZINDGI milegi na Dubara” with great difficult. She even refused to work with the ketchup brand due her phobias for Tomatoes.

Ranbir Kapoor.

The chocolate actor Ranbir Kapoor is scared of creeping worms, like cokckroaches.

Deepika Padukone.

Her phobia seems to be a genuine one when compared with rest of the phobias carried by the actors. She is scared of Snakes and she takes care of this, that none of her film should have the scene containing snakes.

Anushka Sharma

Unlike others she also has a believable phobia of driving. In the film “Matru ki bijli ka Mandola ” she had to had a ride sitting behind the imran on a bike made her really scary.

Sonam Kapoor

Gorgeous actor alway opt for stairs then elevators or lifts wherever it is possible. Lift and elevators makes her scare.

Aamir Khan

Bollywood mr.perfectionist Aamir khan reveals his fear about the death. He always worry about ther shooting schedule if he gets magically dead.