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Watch Those 5 Films Which Never Got A Chance To Hit Theatres, But Went Online!!!

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B-town has worldwide fans, bollywood films have a magical spell all across the globe, which are released not in our own country’s but many other country’s keep waiting for them on their city screens.

But, something happened which do not led these films to hit the floor, but went for online release. Here we will be discussing some of the unreleased films.

Phir se

This film was set to release in 2015, but could not happened due to some reasons, starring Jennifer Winget and Kunal Kohli in lead roles is later on released online.

Brahaman Naman

An adult comedy film made under the direction of Kaushik Mukharjee was not allowed to hit the theatres screen due to some untold causes, was released online, and was appreciated by the viewers.

The big fat city

The film revolves around the couple who fights against the financial crunches was being murdered mystically . This film also never happened to go into Theatres.

30 days in September

This story is about a girl who could not remain in a relationship for more than 30 days in a month, was also banned for release worldwide.


This film was directed by Anurah Kashyap which has also never seen the theatres went for online release.