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These Bollywood celebs Have Strange Rules While Signing Any New Contract!!!

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Before signing up of a film star has to be thorough about the terms and conditions of the film, an in case after signing of the contract if a star fails to abide any rule or regulation he or she may be offended. You will be surprised to know some conditions put forth by your favorite celebrities. Check out the strange conditions before signing up the contract.

Salman khan

He has big No linked to intimate bed room scenes, and kissing scene before signing any film project.

Sharukh Khan

Before signing up of any film, he ensures that it does not contain any horse riding scene for which he is strictly against.

Priyanka Chopra

Actress follows the no nudity clause before signing up of any film.

Hirithik Roshan

This super star is straight forward in telling if you take more work beyond working hours, the director and producer has to pay me more.

Sunny Leone

Porn star turned bollywood actor has kept a unique condition of kissing not on the big screen, however she is at ease while giving of the intimate scenes, but kissing should not be the part of it ever.

Akshay Kumar

He takes Sundays off when he doesn’t like to do any professional work.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

This gorgeous follows No kissing Policy as well as no bedroom scenes on the screen.