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Their Career Touches Sky After The Marriage Of Some Gorgeous Divas- Know who’s who!!

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It is commonly said that career comes to standstill after the marriage of a girl. Same holds true for some of our bollywood divas who totally eloped from the screens after getting married, but there are exceptions in the industry which proved this statement totally wrong. Check out few celebrities who proved wrong that marriage put across their career.

Chitragandha Singh

The actress gave her best shots after her marriage only which happened in 2001, her debut film Hazaroo Khawayesheycame in 2003 after her marriage. And her performance always remain brilliant who entered industry after getting married with a golfer Jyoti singh.

Mallika sherawat

Her real name is Reena Lamba was already married with the jet airways pilot Karan sigh gill. But her success story is unbelievable after marriage.

Sunny Leone

She was once a porn actress before entering the bollywood actress was married with Daniel Webster before she made her bollywood debut. Actress is a mother of three, who struggled hard in their career.

Aaditi rao Haidri

This beautiful actress made her debut from Delhi 6 in 2008 came married into the industry which happened in 2006. However after some time couple got divorce from each other.

Maahi Gill

The hot avatar of industry Maahi Gill was already married before she entered this industry.