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Review The Income Of One Episode Of These Tally Stars!!!

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Can you guess which is the most highly paid industry? Yes your guesses are 10/10, entertainment industry. Our Tally stars are not behind anyone while charging for their single episode.

Let us review their income briefly.

Manish Paul

The most popular event anchor Manish charges almost about 1 cr for its single episode.

Ritwik Dhanjaani

The common TV star who has hosted plenty of shows charges 4-5 lacs for an episode.

Jennifer Winget

The gorgeous TV actor Jennifer Winget costs 1 lac for an episode.

Ravi Dubey

Tally star Ravi Dubey charges too high for the single episode, he almost draws 6-7 lacs/episode.

Bharti singh

Popular comedian Bharti singh charges 5 lacs/ episode.

Arjun Bijlani

TV star Arjun Bijlani charges 5-8 lacs for the single episode.

Hina khan

The fashion icon of TV Hina Khan essaying the role of Komolika takes 2.25 lac for its single episode.