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Bollywood Stars Who Left Us Awful For Their Early demise!!!

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There are many bollywood stars who left this world at an early years, have still remain mortal in our hearts. Here are such stars who leave us in midways of their career and met unexpected deaths in the peak of their career.

Jiya Khan

Jiya khan killed herself just at the age of 25 when her body was recovered from her own house.

Aarti Aggarwal

Aarti Aggarwal who went under knife for her body fat cutting procedure died out of it.

Taruni Sachdev

Very sad to talk about her when she died in a plane crash just at the age of 14 while coming back to India from Nepal.


South super star Soundrya left family and friends in deep grief when news of her death popped up . 28 year old actress died due to plane crash.

Divya Bharti

Beautiful and a gorgeous girl Divya Bharti took off his life merely at the age of 18 in 1993 when she was crushed to death while jumping off from a multi story building.

Smita Patil

Hailing Padamshri award for her super acting in the films died at the age of 31.