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These Heroines Went Against Her Parents Will For Marrying Their Love!!!

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When people fall in love they love beyond boundaries, and become fearless, everyone else except their beloved is sane rest all insane they believe such that. We have today few such celebs who considered their parents as their enemies and went ahead further for relationship.

Amrita Singh

Actress Amrita singh married 12 year younger boy Saif Ali Khan for whom her parents were dead against, but she ran away and marry him in 1991 despite of all family oppositions.

Padmini Kolhapuri

The well known film actress Padmini married the renowned producer Pradeep going against her family riles in 1986.

Hema Malini

Bollywood Dream girl Hema Malini fell in love with the super star Dharmender who was already married and had 2 sons. But, Hema didn’t listen to her mom and married secretly with him


Our Chandani late Shridevi ruled at everyones heart in her era, married her film director Boney kapoor despite of facing resistance from her mother Rajeshwari.

Divya Bharti

This name did not prevail much in industry for a long, but she was successful to be remembered by everyone with her little but impactful stay in the industry married producer Sajid Naidiawala when she was just 18.