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Look How She Protected Herself Over The statement Of Wants the Killing Of Pakistan!!

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Country has deep anger for the Pulwama attack involving the killings our 44 CRPF soldiers on 14th February is facing criticism from every sector including the film fraternity. The counter air attack by our IAF has brought a little sense of relief among the Indians. Over to it even our celebrities could not control their emotions to come up with their strong agitation towards the terrorism.

Speaking on to it, Kangana expressed her fret while speaking to media to destroy the whole Pakistan was being criticized over her statement. But she gave befitting reply to her statement that arousal of such feeling was instant, and I guess every Indian wanted the same after the hearing of killings of Innocent Jawanas.

This was the most inhuman and insane act and Pakistan has crossed the level of our patience, banning the Pakistan actors is not the solution, but destroying the whole nation is the only solution to it. They have candidly threatened our peace, now our silence at this particular moment would be considered as our cowardliness . So, no sparing this time, have to teach them a lesson for lifetime.