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Hijbul Mujahidin Killed This Actress Father Who Stood Strong To Pakistan Army!!!

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The curiosity about their personal life of celebrated personalities is immense among the common people.

Lunchbox actress Nimrat Kaur is an awe inspiring woman not on screen but her real life story is truly inspiring. She is actually the mirror image of her portrayed character on screen with her real life character.

Actress belonged to Army family born to Late Major Bhupinder Singh who was one of the engineers posted at the Verinag border in Kashmir who got kidnapped from his official post at Kashmir by the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists during the year of 1994 over the demand of release of some of their people. When the government did not oblige to their demand, they murdered Nimrat Kaur’s father.

After his death she moved in with her grandmother for a few months. Soon her mother shifted to a new flat of their own bought a home from the savings they had and her father’s pension where they moved afterwards to settle down. Her decisive and string nature reflects the army upbringing she initially had.