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Holding the title of being “ Single” At 40- Knows More!!!

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People from entertainment industry remain so very busy that they never look at their personal life ever, and gets on their family way very late in their life. Today we will take you to those actors of bollywood who are still spinsters in their 40’s.

Sushmita Sen

Former Miss universe Sushmita Sen adopted 2 baby girls whose name got associated with many, but she is still a single mom.


Entered the industry with her debut film “ Baagi “ starring against Salman Khan is an active politician now, has turned 43 but so far never thought of being into a relationship.

Ameesha Patel

42 years old Amesha patel had given a superhit film “ Kaho na pyar hai” against Hiritik Roshan was linked up with the director Vikram Bhatt, but she is still a spinster.


Famous bollywood actress Tabu turned 46 is still leading the life as a single. Her had an affair with the south Indian star Nagarjun, but both called off their relationship due to some personal cause.

Tanisha Mukharji

Neil and Nikki, Sarkar, and Sarkar Raj films had a face called as Tanisha who also turned 41, but so far titled as single.